VISA Processing

NJLS provide application process of student Visa.


1. Student Counselling

  • School Counselling
  • About JAPAN
  • Career Counselling
  • Financial and Sponsor Counselling
  • Socio-Cultural Counselling
  • Documentation Counselling

2. Enroll in NJLS & Attend Seminar

  • Join NJLS
  • Start Studying Japanese Language Course
  • Minimum 6 months course
  • NEJALAS will organize the seminar
  • Qualified Students will be informed to participate in Seminar

3. Interview & Selection

  • Japanese School will take Skype Interview or Face to Face Interview
  • They will select the students

4. Attend in Exams

  • After selection, attend for Japanese Language and General Knowlwdge Exam
  • Have to compulsary pass both the exams

5. Documentation and Verification Process

  • Now Students will be informed for further processing
  • Provide Financial Documents
  • Provide Academic Documents
  • Provide Legal Documents
  • NJLS will strictly check all the documents

6. Forward the Documents to JAPANESE School and Immigration

  • Now Japanese School will check and verify the documents
  • School will forward the documents to respective Japanese immigration
  • Immigration Verifies all the documents

7. Certificate of Eligibility (COE)

  • After verifying all the documents, immigration will provide COE
  • After fulfilling all the financial obligations, Japanese School will forward all the documents to our office
  • And then after we will provide those documents to the students

8. Apply for VISA

  • Now studetns shall apply in Japanese Embassy located in Kathmandu for VISA
  • Embassy will take interview
  • After passing interview, Embassy will Issue VISA to the Students

9. Get the Ticket and go to JAPAN

  • Get the Ticket and board to JAPAN

10. Interview with Airport Immigration

  • After arriving in JAPAN, airport immigration will again take the interview

11. Study in JAPAN

  • After all your hard work and effort, now time has come to fulfill your dreams to study in JAPAN and your career begins from here. Study hard, work hard and be smart.

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